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All online casino games were tested using a comprehensive method to find out about the game manufacturer, its type, main characteristics, etc. All these parameters can be used for filtering when looking for the best fitting game according to your particular requirements.
In addition to our expert reviews, you, as a player, are welcome and invited to leave your own comments as there is no substitute for the real user experience. The combination of these two elements is guaranteed to provide the most comprehensive casino games reviewanywhere on the web.

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[one_column_value_table_item name="Inside bets" value="bets placed inside the felt, i.e. wagers made on particular numbers, with potential wins of up to 35 to 1."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Outside bets" value="bets placed on the outer part of the felt, with potential u to 3 to 1."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="En Plein" value="a straight-up bet placed on a single number, paying 35 to 1."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Cheval" value="a bet placed on two adjacent numbers on the felt, paying 17 to 1."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Martingale" value="the best know roulette betting system."]
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[one_column_value_table_item name="Bet Max" value="most slot machines have a specially dedicated button which enables you to increase your bet to the maximum possible at that point."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Bonus feature" value="a special slot feature triggered by particular symbols or combination of symbols, increasing player's chances to win in numerous way (free spins, multipliers, etc.)."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Jackpot" value="a maximum possible payout on the particular slot."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Hot slot" (machine) value="slots with higher payout percentage or machines which players believe offer a better chance for a payout due to different (often superstitious) reasons."]
string(685) "
[one_column_value_table_item name="Hit" value="ask for another card."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Stand" value="the expression meaning you don't want to draw any more cards."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Split" value="the action of splitting a pair, like two 9s, into two separate hands."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Blackjack" value="sometimes also called a natural. The hand containing an Ace and another card that counts as a 10 (all 10s and all picture cards)."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Insurance" value="a wager placed when the dealer is showing an Ace, betting that his down card is a 10 or a picture card."]
string(522) "
[one_column_value_table_item name="Bingo board" value="a board displaying all numbers that have been called out."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Bingo marker" value="in live bingo games, a crayon used to mark the called out numbers on your card."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Bingo game card" value="a card containing (usually) 24 numbers with one blank space, arranged in a 5 x 5 grid."]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Caller" value="a person announcing the drawn numbers."]
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[one_column_value_table_item name="Aces and Eights" value="a type of video poker where four Aces, four Sevens, and four Eights trigger a bonus"]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Aces and Faces" value="four Aces and four picture cards of the same rank trigger a bonus"]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Boat" value="different name for a full house (three of a kind + a pair)"]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Deuces" value="another name for 2s"]
[one_column_value_table_item name="Jacks or Better" value="the original video poker game, only paying a pair of Jacks or a better hand"]

Learn With CasinoCowboy

The number of casino games online for real money is really big. However, there are a few of them that attract the greatest number of players and we at CasinoCowboy wanted to offer our members detailed guides about rules and commonly used terms for games like roulette, slots, blackjack, and more.

How to Play Common Online Casino Games

Whatever your game of choice is, you can relax and learn with CasinoCowboy, knowing full well that our primary goal is to offer you with as comprehensive guides as possible to improve your playing experience. Learning new games is always fun and exciting and on top of all that, we also provide you with the selection of the best casino bonuses to make the learning curve even more enjoyable.

Choosing the Right Casinos

When you are looking to play casino games online for real money, there are multiple factors that need to be considered.
One of the first things that players think of are no deposit and deposit bonuses. These are important, as they let you test the casino before putting your money on the line, but they are not all there is to it.
Online casinos often have different offers in terms of available games. Some of them may only offer slots from a single manufacturer for example, so they might not have your favorite slot. Further, if you love to play live online casino then you need to find an operator that offers that option.
CasinoCowboy offers an extensive online casino comparison guide detailing all these and other important facts for a vast number of operators.

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Play Smart

Use Casino Games Strategies

We are very proud of our strategy section covering different casino games for real money online. We’ve gathered the best systems for roulette, blackjack, slots, and even online bingo to help you win more money at the tables.

These strategies, combined with our online casino games review section, should provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed. Even though in most cases it is impossible to completely overcome the inherent house edge, these proven approaches should get you as close as possible to achieving that.

We are always on the lookout for new strategies as well, so if you have any ideas, suggestions, or tricks you would like to share, we encourage you to take an active role in the community and share them with others. This can be beneficial to you as well as you might get some ideas how to improve your system further.

0Black Jack
12 3
The 1-3-2-6 betting system for online Blackjackstrategy may seem a bit complicated or strange since it is just a series or sequence of numbers but the system is a
13 6
The Labouchere strategy is another one of the popular online Roulette betting systems that has been used by Roulette strategy players for decades. This system is
18 8
One of the biggest advantages to playing online slots is the ability to switch between numerous casinos quickly and take advantage of as many generous bonus offer
1Black Jack
8 2
Though not quite in the same ball park as other Blackjack betting strategies and systems, Blackjack tournaments have grown in popularity over the years and now in
11 3
The D’Alembert Roulette betting strategy was invented by French mathematician Jean le Rond d’Alembert as a way to safely determine wagers in a Roulette strate
13 4
We, humans, are the creatures of habit. While there may be some who don't belong to this category, people, for the most part, feel most comfortable with things an
17 5
As a rule, online bingo is not the game designed for players seeking a big win. It is a casual game designed for players to pass some time, enjoy the thrill, and
14 7
Playing online bingo is primarily about luck. Of all casino games out there, bingo is the one that players can influence the least. You are given your bingo cards
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